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7 reasons why branded or high-quality products are so important to buy

Sure, we need to buy our basic necessities, sometimes simple things like groceries for our needs in this digital age, like electronic gadgets. Whether it’s food, clothing, toiletries, luxury or home or office items, it’s very important to focus on shopping right and doing it right.

The brand of a product can be defined as any product that is high-quality, authentic, reliable, but affordable despite having a high rating, the best reviewed, the most current, the most reliable, or the least qualified. The only reasons why the branded product might be the least valued is because the product is the newest on the market.

Simply buying any item is equivalent to Management, where we tend to buy and do things RIGHT. Whereas buying things with the end in mind is showing leadership where we do the right thing first and foremost. At Total Quality Management and Leadership we learn that quality is free in the decreasing factor. This implies that it is the lower quality products that need high maintenance and are not reliable and it is the non-conformity of a product’s standards that costs a company or person a lot in the long term.

The stress in acquiring and buying authentic, quality and top rated products is as critical and mandatory as it can be said that the money earned is equivalent to your energy, which is worth investing wisely all the time.

Take, for example, the purchase of a shoe in which we have two clients A and B. A relies on authentic and quality products and only buys branded products. YB is a sloppy shopper who focuses on fancy items and just buys without thought.

Customer A’s footwear will have undergone a quality test and you can trust that you will wear it while traveling, even alone or walking a far distance, and you can trust the quality and strength of the footwear by making sure A has paid a little more than dollars or cash in any currency. more than client B. When client B walks the same distance, they are more likely and more likely to break their shoes and feel embarrassed and helpless in public.

And this is exactly why we need to buy branded products for the following reasons:

  1. Branded products provide security, peace of mind, and add trusted value to customers.

  2. Brands helps us express our authenticity and who we are.

  3. Brands save our decision-making time and increase our reliability based on the robustness of the products.

  4. A strong brand generates referrals, repeat customers, and increases revenue, motivation, and directions.

  5. A strong brand is like a compass and we know where products are going.

  6. A great or good brand helps you create clarity and stay focused.

  7. A good or great brand helps you connect emotionally with customers and consumers.

The best book to read about brand equity is ‘The Greatness Guide 1 and 2’ by Robin Sharma. This book is a game changer and life evolving read. So don’t miss this book.

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