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Ask your crush to be your boyfriend! Here is the correct method that you absolutely need to follow

It is possible that you have been in love with a guy for a long time, but you have no idea how to tell him that now you would like to translate things into something else. If you want to know how to ask a boy you like to be your boyfriend, he reads on and finds out what you should do.

be friendly
Worshiping a guy and being in love with him is going to pay off only if you ‘do’ something about it. So instead of nursing a broken heart, work hard and introduce yourself to him. Become his friend so you can legitimately date him.

Start meeting alone
Once you have become friends, all you need to do is get into their comfort zone. Once he’s comfortable, you can ask him to go out with you without the additional jing bang. This will give both of you a chance to hang out and get to know each other well.

show him your special side
Every man wants a woman who makes him feel special. So show him that you have that special ability to make him feel that way. Take care of him, appreciate him, work on his ego and make him feel good and also be there to celebrate his good times and support him in his bad times.

know him well
Learn to listen to what the person you like says. This will give you an insight into his inner self and will only help you get to know him better. Men also want women who are willing to listen to them quietly and not interject with wise jokes or judge them.

Choose a time and a place
Now that you know him well, choose the time and place where you would like to ask him out. Arrive a little early so you have enough time to recover and appear in control.

Make your proposal with confidence
After some conversation, you can present your proposal. Be confident when you talk to him so he feels like you know what you’re talking about. Tell him how you feel and make it seem natural to want what you want.

Make sure he had a lot of fun with you.
Finally, before you get to the proposal stage, make sure he doesn’t say no because of how much fun he’s having with you. Make sure your time with him is well spent and your crush will be your man in no time.

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