Autocross – Your Choice for a Low Budget Race

Are you a racing lover? Are you still worried about the high cost of auto racing? Do not worry! Thanks to autocross, you can now have an exciting driving experience on an extremely low budget. Have a look!

Autocross, which is also called Solo II, is an event where you can take your regular street car for a race in a safe and controlled environment. It is usually an empty parking lot, with numerous orange traffic cones on the ground. One thing you should know is that it is not a wheel-to-wheel race, so you don’t have to worry about colliding with the cars of others in the competition. One car at a time, each driver competes against other drivers in their respective class by taking a timed lap on the course, with the goal of driving as fast as possible. Although I just said that drivers could use their unmodified trams to compete, sport utility vehicles are not allowed on the track due to potential rollover issues.

It is never easy to start your first career. However, I would like to give you some tips on how to have your first experience with autocross.

1. Try to avoid knocking over traffic cones. While knocking down the lovely orange cones may seem tempting, which could give you a quick time in the competition, it’s sad to know that each cone hit has a time penalty, usually two seconds, meaning that just hitting a cone can ruin all the way around.

2. You must familiarize yourself with the course before the race. Walking across the field a few times before the race can save you a lot of time later as you could get lost in the sea of ​​orange cones. Also, you can bring an instructor in the car for the first few races. Usually they will not only guide you through the course, but will also offer you valuable advice on how to tackle different sections.

3. You should do your seat time first instead of trying to go fast.

4. Talk to veteran drivers between races. There may be 45 minutes between each run. And you should use it to talk to those seasoned runners. They are generally affectionate and willing to share their experience with you.

Furthermore, autocross not only provides you with a place to drive for fun, but also gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn some driving skills such as threshold, grip, and braking.

Does autocross seem like an interesting sport to you? I hope you enjoy. Good luck!

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