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Beach Cruisers – Aluminum or Steel Frame

Today’s bicycle frames are made of many different materials, such as carbon, titanium, steel, or aluminum. Today’s Beach Cruisers usually come with a steel or aluminum frame. Which material is better is the question best answered by understanding what you need. You also need to understand your surroundings and your expectations from a beach cruiser.

Pros and cons of steel

Steel frames tend to be more flexible. This flexibility can help dampen road vibration and create a more comfortable ride. Steel is a durable material. Steel is also a strong material that tends to break less than aluminum. If the frame breaks, it can often be repaired by welding it. However, steel can rust if the paint is chipped. Today’s steel frames tend to be an alloy of steel rather than pure steel. This helps lighten the weight of fame a bit. Steel frame beach cruisers tend to be less expensive than aluminum framed ones.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum.

Aluminum is a lighter material but it actually transfers more vibrations from the road to the rider than steel. Typically, these beach cruisers weigh up to 5 pounds less than their steel counterparts. Aluminum is a metal resistant to oxidation. This makes this type of frame a good choice for more humid or salty air environments. However, they tend to be stiffer and less durable than steel frames. Care must be taken not to bend the frame, as this will weaken the overall frame. These frames are not as easy to repair as steel frames. They are more expensive and are not as easy to repair. The stiffer frame can make the ride a bit rougher. However, with a good seat, the journey can be much more comfortable.

Final Thoughts on Cruises

The type of beach cruiser frame you select should be based on your needs. Getting a steel or aluminum frame really comes down to what you want to get out of the bike. Steel is usually cheaper and more durable if the paint isn’t chipping. Steel bikes are usually heavier than aluminum frames. Aluminum frames will not rust. Both bike frames can be customized with accessories to make them more personalized to the riders taste and personality. Steel is also usually cheaper than aluminum. Many bike shops or online stores sell steel and aluminum frame beach cruisers.

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