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Bruce Lee’s Dynamic Tension: The Source of His Power

Most people are not very familiar with all of Bruce Lee’s workouts and training programs.

And while Lee changed and modified his training programs. The one that continued to be part of his training method to the end was Bruce Lee’s dynamic tension. (BLDT)

From the beginning of his training, Bruce used dynamic tension.

You see, dynamic tension, or isometric exercise as it is also known, has been a part of traditional Chinese martial arts since its inception.

Bruce Lee’s Dynamic Tension– as this method is called – consists of movements performed against an imaginary resistance and uses controlled breathing techniques.

The main concept behind Bruce Lee’s Dynamic Tension is to train the muscles using static resistance. This method causes the muscle to produce a force without movement. In later years Bruce added and created isometric compression devices.

One of these isometric/dynamic tension training devices was called the Tensolatorr.

Later it was mass-produced and sold mainly in the United Kingdom and the United States, although it had worldwide distribution… these were the two countries in which it was most popular.

The Tensolator was also sold under the Macho Power name and later became known as the Bullworker.

Bruce Lee’s dynamic tension was modified to incorporate these compression devices as he referred to them. In the book, The Art of Expressing the Human Body, John Little, the author, breaks down the entire Tensolator training program that Lee used.

After reading some of Bob Hoffman’s work (Bob Hoffman was the United States Olympic weightlifting coach). He realized the need to move away from freehand isometric exercise and apply the same principle to these: “Compression Exercisers.”

The one thing about Lee that never changed is the fact that he was an obsessed researcher… his philosophy was simply: take what works and use it, take what doesn’t and throw it away.

While some people may dismiss the concept of dynamic tension training, the mere fact that Lee continued to use it until his death indicates that he felt it had a strong influence on his speed, power, and strength.

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