Children’s furniture with animal theme

It’s so much fun being a kid nowadays. There are so many different types of toys. The computer and the Internet put the world at your fingertips. And they even have their own specially designed furniture: miniature beds, chairs, tables, toy trunks, bookshelves, and clothing cabinets.

Benefits of specially designed children’s furniture

But, what is important to invest in children’s furniture? For one thing, it will actually be good for your child’s health. When they use a table or chair that is too big for them, they tend to hunch over, legs hanging uncomfortably, arms outstretched just so they can hold their position without tipping over. This damages their posture, causes back and neck pain, and (if they fall) causes injury.

Young children can also hurt themselves when trying to climb a chair or reach for a book on a high shelf. They can slip, break an arm, or have a pile of toys or books on them. Adult furniture can also have sharp corners or metal edges that can cut your little fingers.

Children’s furniture is made for children, and they are perfectly constructed in their proportions. But there is also one thing that children’s furniture can do: it can create magic.

The magic of animal-themed children’s furniture

Children have amazing imaginations and energy. They are constantly daydreaming, thinking of adventures, portraying favorite characters from their book, or creating imaginary worlds (and imaginary friends to explore those worlds with!). They want to conquer the jungles of Africa or explore every corner of the farm. They want to ride with the animals on Noah’s Ark, or even run away and join the circus!

Why not encourage your imagination and creativity by buying animal-themed children’s furniture? These beautifully decorated pieces instantly transform a boring room into a jungle safari or sprawling farm. Everywhere you look, you see cute and friendly animal friends: a bear, a lion, a black and white jersey cow. It’s as if all the pictures in the books, or even the pictures you’ve created in your active mind, have suddenly come to life, thanks to the animal-themed children’s furniture.

Our favorite animal themed children’s furniture

There is a wide variety of animal-themed children’s furniture. All of them are adorable, functional, and meet all safety standards. Choosing which one to use in a bedroom is a totally personal decision for your child (better involved). However, these are some of the best options:

  • Noah’s Ark Toy Chest – This beautiful wooden toy chest features an illustration of the ark, done in vintage style. The white paint has been faded to give it an antique look, perfect for a Victorian nursery or playroom. A giraffe and an elephant greet and invite their little one to play. Truly one of the loveliest pieces of animal-themed children’s furniture. Other options are the Safari-themed toy chest, also with a vintage touch.
  • Kid’s Slumber Barnyard Fun Sleeping Bag – He and his friends will be as snug as a bug on a rug in this sleeping bag! Make sure you have at least two of these, in case your child wants to have a sleepover. Bright colors and charming illustrations of cows grazing in a field are the perfect complement to the rest of the animal-themed children’s furniture. If your child doesn’t like farm animals, try one decorated with funky-looking reptiles and the words “Jumping lizards!”
  • Noah’s Ark Table and Chairs: Your child needs a table for drawing, crafts, and other activities. These green and blue animal themed children’s furniture sets provide a comfortable work surface … and are, in themselves, works of art. We like the color theme, which offers options for parents who prefer not to use pastels or primary tones.
  • Safari Table and Chair Set: The bright red and yellow colors in this set look very modern, as do the simple illustrations of elephants, giraffes, and zebras. These animal-themed kids furniture are a good investment for parents who want the room to be fun but without frills.
  • Toad Stool Stool – No, not the mushroom, dummy. This animal-themed children’s furniture looks like a green frog ready to jump. It’s sturdy enough to hold your child over to fetch a book or toy, and it fits comfortably under the bed or table. For those who need a taller stool, consider the giraffe stool. The long necks of the animal provide a handle for the child to hold onto and stabilize. These items can be purchased separately or as part of an animal-themed children’s furniture set.
  • Giraffe Clothes Rack: Do you always pick up your kid’s clothes? Tired of the daily search for missing gloves and scarves? Giraffe clothes racks are a great way to decorate the hallway while teaching your child to put away their things. It can also be used to store school bags.
  • Butterfly Cottage Playhouse: If your child prefers insects, try this butterfly cottage playhouse. The bright colors go well with most furniture (including those used by adults!) And the smooth walls and shutters won’t hurt if you jump or roll in. One of the cutest animal themed kids furniture. You can also get a Froggy playhouse and a Barnyard playhouse. We warn you that it would be difficult to choose which one you would like best.

Completing the look

Once you’ve purchased and set up your animal-themed kids furniture, you might be so excited about how cute it looks that you want to add additional accessories or design features. If space is a consideration and you may not be able to get really large animal themed kids furniture, here are some decorating suggestions.

  • Place toy animals and scatter in key areas of the room. For example, you can have a small group of stuffed monkeys peek out from the corner of a study table, or you can get an animal mobile (usually found in the baby section) and hang it over the child’s bed.
  • Use animal stencils, which are sold in craft stores. Keep the wall color simple so animal-themed children’s furniture and accents take center stage.

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