Finding the meaning of resale licenses

When it comes to digital items on the internet, there are plenty to buy, sell, and even offer. When digital products are licensed for them, they can be viewed as PLR, MRR, GAR, CU, PU, ​​and GAR. What do all these initials mean and how can they benefit you?

In a quick way to answer what these licenses mean are the following:

PLR: This stands for “Private Label Rights”, which is a license that gives you the rights to do almost anything you need or want to do with it.

It’s fair to say that content circulates the internet. Having to write your own content day after day is a nightmare and getting someone else to do it for you can cost a lot. So what’s one of the best ways to get your own content without all the hassle? Well that’s where private label rights or PLR for short comes in handy.

If you are like me and have been on the internet for some time, chances are you have heard of PLR content and products. Even more, chances are that you have used them yourself. Or maybe you even wondered what these licenses really are.

MRR: This license stands for “Master Resell Rights”, which is another type of license, but generally with more restrictions. MRR will give you permission to resell the product and will usually pass the license on to your customer as well.

RR: Within this license which stands for “Resale Rights”, you have even fewer options when reselling the item. You can resell the product with this particular license but with limits, such as that you will not be able to pass the license for that client to resell the product, you can simply use it for personal use or in the same cases for your clients’ projects if you are a developer, etc. .

MIGHT: This license stands for “Personal Use”, which basically sums it up in those two words. Any product found with this license means that it can only be used for your personal use and cannot be resold or used for someone else’s projects.

CU: This license basically means “Commercial Use”. Which means that this product can be sold for profit or used in any commercial sale etc.

GAR: This license stands for “Give Away Rights”. Which basically means that the product with this license will be able to give it away for free and distribute it on the Internet through methods like giving it away for free on mailing lists, giving new users gifts to join their newsletter lists and much more.

General description: All the above licenses are just a basic set of rules. Each individual license that is within a product that you purchased on the Internet will generally follow this main set of points.

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