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How Much Money Can a Disability Lawyer Get You?

Money Can a Disability Lawyer

If you’re wondering how much money a disability lawyer gets you, keep in mind that he or she will have to get approval from the Social Security administration before he or she can charge a fee. If you’ve hired an attorney who won’t get you approval, don’t worry: the lawyer will still be able to charge you if he or she is successful. If you hire a disability lawyer who does, you’ll have to pay their fees.

Generally, disability lawyers charge a percentage of the back pay they win for their clients. If you’ve worked with a disability lawyer in the past, you can expect to pay up to 25% of his or her fees. But if your case is complex or involves a large amount of work, the fees can easily reach $6,000 and more. Unless your case is denied, however, you won’t be able to get more than that because the Social Security Administration does not pay any upfront fees or ongoing costs.

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A disability attorney can represent you at your disability discrimination appeals, gather vital medical evidence, and communicate with the medical professionals treating you. This can help speed up the process, which is very important if you’re in a financial bind. A disability attorney can also help you prepare for the questions that an administrative law judge will ask you during the hearing. It may even be possible to get approved sooner than you might think, especially if you’re in desperate need of money.

How Much Money Can a Disability Lawyer Get You?

If you want to hire a disability lawyer, it’s best to do so before you file your claim. Most lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay them until they win your case. Then, the lawyer will take your case and win the money you’re due. That’s why hiring a disability lawyer can pay off. And, if you’re wondering how much money can a disability lawyer get you, here are a few benefits.

If you’re working and need to apply for disability benefits, there’s a good chance you qualify. But you’ll need to provide some evidence of your disability in order for the Social Security Administration to approve your application. An experienced disability lawyer will be able to review the information you provide and explain what evidence is necessary to get your claim approved. If you don’t submit enough medical evidence, you may not be able to get benefits at all.

The fee you pay for a disability lawyer depends on how long your claim will take to process. It can take up to sixteen months to reach the appeals council stage. It’s better to hire a disability lawyer before filing the application if you want to get the maximum benefit possible. However, if your case is denied, you’ll have to appeal and submit additional evidence before the appeals council. Even if your case is denied, a disability lawyer will help you navigate the process and help you get the benefits you’re entitled to.

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