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How to find a publisher for a scientific paper

If you’re looking for an editor for your scientific paper, take a moment to first consider what type of document you have and the type of editing service you need. For example, if you have a technical article that you want to publish in a specific magazine, visit our article on how to find an editor for a magazine article; If you’re writing a dissertation, visit our article for some helpful tips on selecting a dissertation editor or proofreader.

For any general scientific document or report, you may want to simplify the language so that the information is accessible to a wider audience of readers. If the document is difficult for the average person to read, your article may not be seen as much. You can reduce the word count without altering or oversimplifying key information. You can also format your manuscript to fit the specifications of a particular publication, increasing your chances of acceptance for publication.

We encourage you to seek out publishers whose experiences most closely align with your stated goals. For example, if you need help simplifying the language, you might consider an editor with teaching experience; after all, the main part of an instructor’s job is to take complex material, distill it, and pass it on to those with less knowledge and experience. Similarly, if you need to reduce the word count or paraphrase specific sections, consider choosing an editor with experience in academic or technical writing; Being concise and direct is vitally important in these areas. Finally, if you need to format your scientific article for the guidelines of a particular publication, find an editor with experience in scholarly publishing, which could include serving as a senior editor for a journal, style editor for a textbook company, or someone who has worked as a dissertation or thesis consultant at an institution of higher education.

The main takeaway from this short article is that when looking for a publisher, the most important consideration is the result you ultimately want to achieve. Remember, editors are humans whose prior experiences, education, and worldview influence how they see the world and the ways they approach a document. Also, while some editors are incredibly talented, no level of talent can make one a mind reader. So remember to clearly identify your goals and communicate them to your editor, along with anything else that might be helpful, when you apply.

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