I wonder if my estranged spouse enjoys acting single.

Many newly separated wives imagine that their husband now lives the life of a college boy. You already know that stereotype: the child who suddenly frees himself from the attentive gaze of his parents, for what he is living it, on top of his freedom and lack of responsibility. Maybe that’s a very unfortunate mental picture, but many estranged wives assume that their husband is suddenly going to adopt this kind of party lifestyle.

Someone might say, “I’ve only been separated for three weeks. One of my friends saw my husband at a club. I don’t think my husband has been at a club since college and this news shocked and upset me.” to him a couple of days after this and he sounded almost dizzy and on top of the world. This really hurt. I didn’t have the heart to ask him if he was enjoying his freedom because it was really obvious that he was. Do men enjoy the single life once the separation begins? I feel like I’m going to lose my husband simply because he prefers to be single. “

It depends on the man in question. Many men report a feeling of relief at first. They have often been dealing with a lot of volatility and conflict at home. So in the first few days and weeks after the breakup, walking away from some of the strong emotions can feel like a breath of fresh air. Calm can be refreshing. But the way a man feels in the early stages of separation can be very different from how he feels afterward.

What Statistics Show About Separated or Divorced Men Enjoying Single Life: Statistically speaking, divorced men are twice as likely to remarry as divorced women. And men remarry before women. Therefore, you can infer from these statistics that men who have been married generally do not feel very good alone or are not so happy alone. This would seem to go against the idea that a separated man will enjoy the single life endlessly. Here’s another interesting and sad statistic: Divorced men are twice as likely to commit suicide as married men, bringing home the idea that married men are generally happier. Of course, there are always exceptions. I am sure that there are many separated and divorced men who are still very happy with their situation.

However, statistically, men tend to want to have stable relationships, which is why, although some of them enjoy the single life at first, many of them do not remain single for long. Either they will seek to reconcile with their wife or they will end up remarrying after a divorce. This gives you a unique opportunity if you want to save your marriage. It means that, at least if your husband falls according to the statistics and is no exception to the rule, at some point the novelty of being single will wear off and you will want to get back into a stable and committed relationship. If you can fix the problems that remain in your marriage and make him believe that they are gone for good, then you will be in a good position to maintain that committed relationship. After all, many people find that it is potentially easier and more rewarding to fix the marriage you have rather than starting over with a stranger and potentially having to deal with mixed families, which can cause problems in a second marriage. .

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