Mandura MLM Review – Before You Drink Mandura Juice!

Imagine a company that has the perfect product, the perfect compensation plan, and overall, the perfect business opportunity.

Does Mandura fit the bill?

Let’s take a closer look …

Mandura is a health and wellness company that creates products (like Mandura Juice) geared toward targeting the vital nutrients and vitamins that the average American should consume on a daily basis. While the Food and Drug Administration recommends that the average adult consume 9 servings of fruits and vegetables (4 1/2 cups), not many will eat that much fruit in one day.

I think this is why Mandura created Mandura Juice in the first place. Instead of eating 1 small banana, 1 large orange, and 1/4 cup dried apricots (FDA example) in addition to vegetable servings every day, Mandura gives you the pleasure of enjoying all the nutritional benefits in one bottle. .

Mandura juice seems ideal for those who are on the go and do not have time to consume all the recommended solid fruits and vegetables every day. It makes sense to have a quick drink on the way to work and be happy to know you’ve made such a healthy decision for the day.

So has Mandura created the perfect product?

Well, it may be too early to tell, but they’re up against the competition, so they need to be really strategic when it comes to marketing and getting ahead.

How is Mandura Juice different from the rest of the companies that claim that their products provide similar nutritional value to the table?

In this industry, it comes down to marketing and whoever can put their product in front of the most targeted consumers will always come out on top.

Although Mandura has an MLM (multi-level marketing) element linked to it, there are many health and wellness companies with MLM linked as well and this makes the competition steep.

There are Independent Business Owners and Distributors promoting these companies like crazy and compensation is definitely the engine that allows companies like these to really get their products out there.

However, Mandura compensates his IBOs a little differently. They use what is called a straight line forced matrix. What it means is that you buy a bottle, you automatically become a Mandura IBO representative, and anyone who joins after you will be below you in a downline, regardless of whether you sponsored them or not. It’s just a line … period! Not only that, but they claim to have 30 different ways to get paid in addition to selling Mandura Juice.

That’s pretty amazing when you look at it like that and there’s no question that people will seize the opportunity and that will really help Mandura get their name and product out there …

However, before drinking Mandura juice (and I mean that figuratively), you might be tired of statements like “Wow, I just joined Mandura and made money really fast and I also have 100 paid members in my downline.”

That statement can make people think that you can get rich quick on the Mandura MLM opportunity without doing almost anything to get there. This is not how your compensation plan works.

Sure you will make money here and there when people join after you, but when attrition comes and people start to get frustrated they will leave Mandura because not many people after them will join and everyone will be in this “Sit down and get your payment”. mentality. You cannot trust everyone else to do the work for you.

Note that you must also meet the Mandura volume quota each month. They have Team Volumes, Group Volumes, Quality Volumes, etc. If you do not meet these quotas, you will make very little profit. If your team is in the “Sit down and get paid” mentality, it will again be difficult to meet even that volume quota.

The bottom line is that you need to consistently generate leads. It is not about chasing your family and friends. Those things barely work and you’ve probably been rejected so many times that you’re ready to quit.

Before you do that, you need to think outside the box and get up to speed when it comes to generating leads online. Using websites like Facebook and Twitter is great, but you can’t just pitch people to your Mandura MLM business and think it will work overnight.

Not only that, but you also need to think of ways to make a profit inside and outside of Mandura. I seriously doubt that you are a millionaire with just Mandura Juice. I can only hope they didn’t promise you.

Regardless of house parties, nationwide events, and good-looking replicated websites that Mandura has, you still need to learn how to attract leads and position yourself as a leader in this industry.

I’d like to leave you with this last question …

If Mandura fails, will it be the end of your business? If the answer is yes or maybe, then you need to check out my resource box below right now and discover a new way to market your Mandura MLM business!

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