Popeye reading glasses: they’ll make your eyes pop

The term popeyes reading glasses does not refer to the shape of your eye, or a condition known as popeyes. Nor does he refer to that sailor who ate spinach and loved Olive Oyl. No, Popeyes reading glasses refer to a style of reading glasses manufactured by Scojo Vision. Popeyes reading glasses offer some of the best compact magnifications you will find in reading glasses.

When choosing your Popeyes reading glasses you have many options.

Let’s see what’s available.

Scojo Popeyes reading glasses are similar to so-called pen readers in that they are thin and about the size of a standard pen. These popeyes reading glasses are lightweight and come in very colorful options, both full frame and rimless. While you cannot fit custom lenses into these frames, you can choose the magnification for these popeyes reading glasses. Magnification options range from +1.00 to +3.00 every quarter diopter, with the exception of +2.75 which are not available.

These Scojo Vision Popeyes reading glasses are made for your comfort. They are small and compact and easily fit in your pocket or purse. This makes popeyes reading glasses very easy to carry whenever you need them.

Popeyes reading glasses come without frames with a wide variety of temple colors. You can choose popeyes rimless reading glasses in black, silver tortoise, kiwi, raspberry or blueberry. The full-frame variety is available in a rectangular shape and also in the newer style, the popeye-O, which is oval. They are available in black, tortoise, ruby, emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby.

Do you need what you need to enjoy a fabulous nightlife? Take a look at Popeye Ice, these popeyes reading glasses are extremely slim and decorated with edging of Swarovski crystal pieces around the frame. They are very stylish and of high quality.

All popeyes reading glasses feature European spring hinges for easy on and off, and come with a slim aluminum case with a spring loaded flip top for easy opening and closing. Popeyes reading glasses retail for between $ 55 and $ 65, which makes them a great value.

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