severance pay Employment Lawyer – Negotiating a Severance Package Without Cause

severance pay Employment Lawyer

If you have been recently let go from your job, or are presently going through the process of an unemployment, you may be wondering if you are entitled to receive a severance pay. This is one of the most common questions that lawyers get asked and it can be quite confusing. In this article we will explain what severance pay is, why it is important to make sure that you are properly informed about your employment situation and how you should go about making sure that you are getting the most from the severance pay that you are entitled to.

What is severance pay? It is money that your employer (most often your former employer) pays out to you so that you can continue to make your monthly mortgage payments, continue with your education and find another job. If you were let go from your job because of misconduct or illegal activity, then your employer would most likely be willing to pay you for the time you were gone. The money is considered part of your final severance pay lawyer because it is an addition to your regular monthly salary. In order to receive this money, you must meet all of the following requirements:

Be current on all of your employment contracts. This means that you should still be employed by your last known employer. If you have been terminated, then you must move within 60 days to another employment opportunity. You also need to confirm that your employment contract details any severance pay requirements. Be honest with your new employer. If you lied about when you first got hired or why you left, then this could have a negative impact on your chances of receiving any severance pay.

severance pay Employment Lawyer – Negotiating a Severance Package Without Cause

Keep accurate records. If you have experienced a dismissal for illegal activities, then you should keep all of your employment records, including your written termination notice, all travel expenses, and all correspondence regarding the circumstances of your termination. This documentation can help your employer prove that you violated company policy and caused the termination. It also shows that you took immediate action once you were notified of the illegal activity. If you violated any conditions of employment that you agreed to when you became an employee, then this could count against you during your severance pay review.

You should not be afraid to ask for more money than you are owed. Your employment lawyer should agree to a fair settlement amount without cause. If you have unfairly been discharged or you feel that you were unfairly selected for a promotion or other position because of race, gender, religion, or any similar criterion, then you should be able to get the money you are entitled to without any type of legal challenge. You should consult with a employment lawyer immediately to discuss your case.

To learn more about negotiating a severance agreement, contact an employment lawyer in your area today. They will help you evaluate your situation and determine how to negotiate a severance package to get the most from your severance agreement. There are many different cases that can be resolved this way. If you have been wrongfully discharged, you may qualify for financial compensation for lost wages and other benefits.

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