The 12-inch Schwinn Roadster Trike – Nothing moves like a Schwinn!

The feeling of riding a Schwinn trike

A name that has been synonymous with quality and cycling excellence for decades has been Schwinn! And who doesn’t remember the first time they got behind those wheels? Remember to grab those handlebars, put each foot on the pedals, looking out into a now limitless horizon! Wheels meant freedom! And falling … but freedom after all!

It’s never too early to share that feeling with little ones, that’s why Schwinn has introduced their 12 “Roadster trike! A trike built for the toughest and most stylish Tykes!

The Schwinn trike is designed for safety with a low rollover rate

This has to be Stewie Griffin’s low rider! For ages eighteen months to five years, the Schwinn Roadster 12 “trike offers the rider maximum safety with its lower center of gravity. The Schwinn Roadster’s low-to-the-ground bucket seat allows those who cannot reach the pedals mobility with easy access to the ground, without losing anything for those who can reach it.

This low center of gravity also allows for a much lower “tipping” rate! They’ll conquer the bumps in the road with ease because I’m telling you, only a GIANT putty knife is turning this bad boy upside down! Encourage them to round the corners on 2 wheels! Low tipping rate offers safety and peace of mind!

A classic 12 “heavy duty trike

Drive in style! The Schwinn Roadster trike is equipped with a retro-style blue frame, looking even more eye-catching with chrome fenders! Sturdy steel construction means a solid and reliable bike!

The Roadster also has a real wood deck with the Schwinn name stamped on the rear panel of the trike, making it a truly stylish trike. The Schwinn Roadster promises to be the envy of every little kid on the block!

Each piece is completed with chrome handlebars and full streamers. But no wheelset is really complete without a bell! RING-RING!

Schwinn Roadster Trike Height and Mounting Requirements

The Schwinn 12 “Roadster requires a small amount of assembly, but in about four steps your trike is ready for the ‘trail’. As always, supervision is recommended during playtime and an adult should always help with assembly of the trike. Instructions are included but the helmet is not!

However, there seems to be some controversy over the height requirement for the 12 “Schwinn Roadster. While the box shows a height chart that says recommended for 24” -36 “riders, it appears that a height requirement of 38 “for easy access to the pedals. . Schwinn says: 38 “and more to pedal the trike. Anything shorter will result in ‘foot traffic’.

The Schwinn trike – a lot of value for your money

It’s never too early to try that open road and Schwinn reminds us! This is a lot of trike for little money! Look to pick up this for around $ 90. Other trikes may offer lower prices, but none can compare to the exceptional quality that is included in every Schwinn!

Adjustable seat, sturdy frame, and a name that stands for quality, all wrapped up in three little wheels. If you are looking for a reliable trike for your little Tyke, look no further than the Schwinn Roadster 12 “Trike!

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