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The Story of Bra Spider’s Enjoyment of Bra Cunny Rabbit’s Success Flight

Bra Spider and Bra Cunny Rabbit have always been friends. They were so close that not a day went by without one calling the other. But of the two, Bra spider was the less educated, because he was very reluctant to go to school and improve. So, in effect, he never attended any school. Every time he was sent to school, he would swear and protest as if he was going to be lynched. In his heart he felt that it was useless and a great waste of time. So while his friend Bra Cunny Rabbit enjoyed going to school and learning in general, Bra Spider was left on the streets playing soccer. Despite this, the two remained good friends. After Bra Cunny Rabbit came back from school, he and his friend played together for a while.

Time passed as Bra Cunny Rabbit continued to go to school regularly, leaving his friend trailing behind him. So she learned a lot from his teachers that she accumulated and stored for ‘tomorrow’. Bra Spider, on the other hand, continued to skip school incessantly. She would rather play on the street corners from morning until the moment she thought the school day was over than endure the ordeal she felt school offered her. She would then calmly return home as if she had returned from school. She repeated this trick daily. While he continued his truancy, his friend continued to benefit from his lessons at school. Year after year, things continued in the same way. Bra Cunny Rabbit brought home unwavering news of her exam success at the end of each year. Bra Spider, on the other hand, continued to play hide-and-seek with her parents. Because he had nothing good as his friend to report.

After five years of hard work, Bra Rabbit sat her school certificate exam. At the time, she didn’t have much meat left, as she had spent almost endless sleepless nights because her strongest desire was to leave with nothing but the best. So she trained in all the subjects that she had to take regularly. At the end of that strict regimen, she was pleased with her effort and therefore confident of a resounding victory at the end. He then went back to playing soccer with his friend Bra Spider once more after a long break. They had a lot of fun together. But often, Bra Spider, who was always on top of things on the playing field, would taunt him: “Say, bookworm.” But Bra Cunny Rabbit just kept playing quietly without paying much attention to his teasing. Soon, he was fully accepted again.

Finally, when the results were released, the Bra Cunny Rabbit stood out. She had the best result of all. He was so proud of his great achievement. He almost went crazy with joy and a sense of accomplishment, as almost everyone kept praising his efforts. Cunny Rabbit’s parents now held their heads high in the community as all the other people were full of admiration for him and kept congratulating him and his parents. But his happiness and joy became a source of shame, pain and torment for his friend, who now secretly began to regret not having followed his friend’s good examples. As his pain and regret became more persistent, Bra Spider began to dodge his friend, as she did not know how to hide his true feelings of jealousy and hatred for his friend’s success.

Bra Cunny Rabbit’s joy was further increased when, a few days later, she received a UNESCO SCHOLARSHIP that allowed her to continue her studies at Amherst College in the United States of America.

Bra Cunny Rabbit’s parents now held their heads even higher in town as they were very happy and hopeful for their son’s progress. They spoke with great pride of him to everyone they met or who knew or visited them. Now they were the center of attention as others joined them in sharing their joy and thanksgiving. But not all were happy. Others, like Bra Spider’s parents, were less enthusiastic. But then her anger at her son’s failure was expressed in harsh terms: ‘Where were you all the time that you couldn’t do as well as your friend? Did someone sit on your brain?”

“The teacher didn’t like me, that’s why he failed me.”

“Shut up with that nonsense, you big liar. He didn’t like you? What kind of useless excuse is that? like you. Is he the only teacher in the school that his word should prevail over the others in the school?

“He made all the other teachers not like me mom.”

“Because you’re a fucking idiot, maybe. That’s why they’d all unite against you. Just get out of my sight before I beat you to death, you’re beyond useless.”

Bra Spider’s pain, shame, regret, and worries multiplied. She remained standing behind the house, meditating on her unhappiness. Then, gathering her courage, she swore: “To hell with that, after all, I could still be a footballer and make it in life.”

With that encouraging thought, Bra Spider jumped up to join her friends playing soccer on a nearby field.

“Hey, Bra Spider!” Bra Dog yelled when he saw him, “You must be lonely now, huh?”

“Why?” Bra Spider asked, confused and puzzled as to what she was suggesting to herself.

“Come on, stop pretending like you don’t know you’re going to miss a friend soon.”

“I truly don’t know anything, except if you could hint at me now.”

“Do you want me to believe that you don’t know that your friend, Bra Cunny Rabbit, is about to leave these shores to continue his studies abroad?”

The thought of parting with his friend further increased his anguish. But still, she didn’t want to believe it was true. Then his friends started making fun of him. That made his situation even worse. At the slightest chance of her seeing him, she used to sneak out. But flight and escape did little to ease his plight. He became more despondent and depressed. The only way he now thought he had left to redeem his mind from being sunk in permanent depression and insanity was through his friend, Bra Cunny Rabbit. It was the only place where he was sure to be listened to sympathetically and possibly receive help.

Soon enough, she announced herself at Bra Cunny Rabbit’s house just as she was about to leave. Almost out of breath, Bra Spider waved at her friend and asked him, hoping he would be denied. “My good friend, how true is it that you are going to study abroad? This is what I have been hearing everywhere and I find it hard to believe since you haven’t told me.” Saying that, Bra Spider backed away looking anxiously towards her friend’s mouth as her heart worried about her kept beating like a grave.

“That’s very true, Bra Spider, I’m so sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, but that’s the situation I suddenly found myself in: preparing to go abroad to continue my studies.”

“Do it, Bra Cunny Rabbit, please have pity on me, please don’t go. I’ll be left alone. You should know that I have no other friend besides you,” Bra Spider said, her face already drenched in tears. pleading.

Bra Cunny Rabbit was visibly moved to see her friend for the first time in her life feeling regret, despondency and worry. But what could she do now to help him, she wondered. She thought a lot about it, but she couldn’t think of any feasible plan. She then thought of diverting her mind by convincing him that his trip was not as enviable as she thought.

“My friend Bra Spider, don’t envy my situation, because if you knew how I would travel, you would rather stay at home safely. My friend, it really isn’t easy.”

Raising her head, she saw that the Bra Spider was now crying bitterly, so she knew that her method hadn’t worked. To control him, Bra Cunny Rabbit promised, “Okay, my friend, stop crying, already. And don’t worry. Just wait until tomorrow and see what I’ll do for you.”

“Hey? Are you going to take me with you? Will you, Bra Rabbit?”

“Ah, just wait for me, Bra Spider.”

“As long as you don’t leave me behind, I’m prepared to do anything you ask me to do for you.”

Bra Cunny Rabbit started getting ready very early the next morning. She put her clothes in a big bundle. She remembered the advice ‘make a good impression’. So, immediately dressed and bathed in the fragrance of Old Scotch Cologne, she carried her luggage. Bra Spider nearly ran into him yelling, ‘Bra Rabbit, Bra Rabbit, remember you promised to take me, huh? Remember?”

“Well, if you say that, I won’t deny you. But I don’t remember making such a promise to you. But since you’re insisting, and only on those terms, I’ll have no choice. But I must again. Warning, if you knew how I would be traveling there!”

“Fine, as long as you’re prepared to be upstairs in this pile of clothes.”

Bra Spider, though frightened by the idea, mustered up enough courage to give it a try. Therefore, they threw it into the bundle and carefully tied it together with his clothes. With the bundle containing Bra Spider slung over her shoulder, Bra Cunning Rabbit set out on her journey. He walked quickly forward as the weight of him weighed down on him. To ease the pain and tension in his shoulders, he kept shifting the load from left to right. But as he progressed, the weight of him became more and more unbearable. Furthermore, Bra Cunny Rabbit was already complaining.

“Be patient, we’ll get there soon,” Bra Spider pleaded.

“You don’t even know where we’re going. Only I know how far to go,” Bra Cunny Rabbit replied.

“But I hope it’s not too far to go.”

“Sorry, there’s still a long way to go.” So they continued silently but patiently, sweating all the way under the scorching heat of the sun. Then, they finally arrived at the airport where they waited for a while to register. Meanwhile, Bra Spider continued to squirm restlessly inside the suffocating bundle. Then, in forty-five minutes, a Boeing 707 flight touched down on the runway.

“What is that? What is that? Are we safe? Aren’t we about to be killed?” Bra Spider continued to demand from inside the pack’s safe abode of hers.

“Shhh! Shut up! Or they’ll soon notice or suspect you’re there. It’s the plane landing. Please don’t say anything, don’t even shake, do you hear? Just be still and quiet.” , Already!”

Bra Spider numbered his muscles, remaining as still as if he were death itself buried in the town cemetery. Bra Cunny Rabbit went through customs and immigration quickly with no problem. Her luggage was now being weighed and scanned. His heart was limping inside him as he went through the process. But he was still afraid that his luggage might be opened and his friend found out about him. So he kept praying and praying that God would prevent such a possibility. In fact, God helped him. His baggage was fine. He was allowed to take the bag with him as carry-on luggage. So, with it in hand, she climbed into the flight craft and emerged into the splendor of the plane’s cabin. Then Bra Spider’s loud complaints broke out.

Bra Rabbit now had reason to untie the bundle to free the spider that was imprisoned within it. The sooner she undid the knot, the Bra Spider jumped like a stopped spring. So sharp and violent was the rupture of it that the entire plane was thrown into a turmoil. Therefore, the takeoff was delayed to allow the airport authorities to come in and inspect and investigate. Bra Cunny Rabbit vehemently protested her innocence and ignorance. She maintained that she did not find out until she heard an unusual sound just as she was getting on the plane. Bra Spider was arrested and rushed to the nearby police station where he was held for some time in a cell.

Bra Spider thus lost another chance in life. Not to be totally left out of it after her release, she enrolled in Lumley’s Mall to learn construction skills.

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