Whole House Water Filtration Systems – Do You Need One?

Whole house water filtration systems are the best option if you want pure water everywhere in your home. Having pure, fresh water every time you turn on a tap in your home is a good choice.

You may think that the only water you need to purify is the water you are going to drink. But that is wrong thinking. Drinking water is not the only water you need to purify. You also need to purify the water in which you shower and bathe.

Chlorine in shower water is dangerous, so unless you have a separate shower head filtration system, you should consider whole house water filtration systems. This will protect you wherever you use water.

In fact, it is believed that during a 10 minute shower you will be exposed to 10 to 50 times more chemicals in the water than if you drank a glass of that same water. When we shower, the hot water opens our pores and we absorb chemicals, including chlorine, at a rapid rate. Even the steam we inhale while showering is dangerous, because synthetic chemicals and chlorine vaporize faster than water.

Those chemicals vaporize in the air we breathe before the water goes down the drain, causing the vapor to concentrate with dangerous chemicals. The chemicals we inhale go directly into our bloodstream wreaking havoc on our bodies; so the filtration of water throughout the house is a benefit in the shower.

Even if you are not concerned with the healthy appearance of the water in your shower, installing a water filtration system will surprise you when you see the difference in your skin and hair. Dechlorinated water will leave your skin soft and smooth.

The chlorine in the water will strip your skin of its natural moisturizers, leaving it dry. If you’ve ever gone swimming in a pool with chlorinated water, you know how strong chlorine can be on your skin.

Even your hair is better without bleach. Instead of dry and brittle hair, you can have smooth, shiny hair. Now I don’t know about you, but even without the health benefits, total water filtration seems like a great idea to me.

When shopping for the right system for your home, be sure to find one that removes all dangerous chemicals and contaminants, including chlorine found in water. You can spend less than $ 800 and find a great system that will remove everything you need to remove. Don’t wait, start shopping now and find the system you need.

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