Common questions to ask an image consultant


Before hiring the services of an image consultant, you may want to ask about a few important things. The first refers to research, the second to color analysis, and the third to footwear.


Probably the biggest mistake people make when using a stylist is thinking that this person can help them without doing research. In fact, most people never think about research. The reason for this is simple. Most of today’s stylists don’t do research and don’t rely on research when making recommendations to their clients on apparel, footwear, and accessories. Instead, stylists simply tell clients what they think looks good, having no idea what the effect will be when the client wears that leopard print dress to work.

It is worth asking about research before hiring the services of someone who will help you look good. Research is the most important factor to consider, as only testing can determine whether a particular suit will be effective at work or in social situations. Your stylist may conduct the research himself or may rely on a database of research conducted by others, or some combination of the two. At the very least, you want a stylist whose eyes don’t go glassy when you mention research.


Our second recommended question is about color analysis. Ask your stylist if they subscribe to the Color Me Beautiful theory of the four seasons. This theory states that people clearly fall into one of four classifications, called seasons. Then the doctor says he can analyze it and tell you what season it is in: winter, spring, summer, or fall. Based on this analysis, she will tell you which colors to use and which colors to avoid.

Why do you want to know if your image consultant endorses this theory? Because any consultant who believes that this theory will lead you astray. The theory is as viable as the theory that the Earth is flat. It is simply not supported by any credible evidence. You are better off with an image consultant who will admit that they can help you choose good colors based on what has proven good for your profession or for the social situations to which you will be invited.


Our third tip for choosing a good image consultant is to ask them what they think is most important in footwear, look, or comfort level. If your consultant says that the appearance of a shoe is more important, you may want to think twice before hiring him, as you will be the one wearing those uncomfortable shoes, not him. While the style and appearance of footwear is very important, the most important factor is comfort. And a good wardrobe can easily help you find the right look with a very comfortable shoe.

If you remember to ask about research, color analysis, and footwear, you’ll be at the head of the class. And so will your image consultant.

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