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Garage Door Price Estimate

It is important to estimate the price of garage doors when planning to install a new or replacement garage door. It is important that you know what type of garage door you want and need to install. One of the first things you should do is check local building codes that must be followed when installing a new door. If you live in an area at high risk for hurricane force winds, in most cases you will need to select a door with a high wind code. No matter where you live, you should do a good job of researching the best garage door for your geographic location and climate.

In general, your overhead garage doors are the weakest structural part of your home. It is important that you do not skimp on the quality of your garage doors. The price of garage doors may or may not be a good indicator of the actual quality of the door. Good quality custom wood garage doors can cost up to $10,000 but will provide little protection from the elements, especially severe storms. While a quality steel-reinforced door will withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour and prevent theft for as little as $500 when installed automatically.

Again, it really pays to do your homework when selecting a garage door for your home or business. In terms of garage door prices, probably the cheapest place to buy a garage door is from one of the major home improvement chains. Both Home Depot and Lowe’s offer not only a good selection of doors, but also the technical advice needed to do a good job of self-installation. Also, they will provide you with contractors who will do the installation for you if you are unable to do it yourself. You can expect to pay 30 to 50 percent more for a full-size setup. Installation costs must include removal and disposal of the old existing garage door and reinstallation of the existing garage door opener. Prices must include parts, labor and taxes.

Garage door prices for custom doors that use a non-standard opening can cost considerably more. The cost of special door designs and materials will also increase prices. In all cases, make sure you have a good written quote that covers all aspects of the installation. In most cases, you will need a minimum of 12 inches of head clearance and 5 inches of side clearance for a good installation. You should also take into account the condition of the garage. A rough or poor floor will prevent the door seal from working properly. It is very important to ask a lot of questions when requesting a garage installation quote.

Making a garage door price list that includes all the options you are considering will help you make your cost estimates. These are only general estimates and should be considered guidelines only. Always get a cost estimate in writing before doing any work. Always be willing to negotiate lower prices, especially during this time of lower construction demand. Do your research and you’ll find the right garage door at the right price.

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