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Advantages of Internet Marketing Using a Proven Marketing System

When you apply attraction marketing techniques to your business, you become the hunted instead of the hunter. As opposed to old-school tired strategies like chasing family and friends, handing out fliers and business cards, holding meetings, cold calling genealogy lists, buying low-quality expensive contacts, and dialing for dollars.

People like to buy but hate being sold to. Most people do not want to be persecuted by someone they do not know and are naturally defensive when they feel they have been trapped or cornered.

This means that your chances of convincing someone that what you have is what they need is slim to none because they never had any interest in the first place.

There are credibility issues associated with old-school prospecting tactics that can put you in a vulnerable position when promoting something that is supposed to be a life-changing experience to people and then having to answer questions about how it has changed your life. , when it is not. you settled down

For most new network marketers, this can be a very difficult question to get past without lying. Not recommended!

By combining Internet technology with attraction marketing techniques, you can reach people all over the planet who are looking for what you are promoting.

When you are in the position of using old-school prospecting tactics by going after people who have no interest in what you are offering, you are not in control of the prospect. Why would they want to join your business? What’s in it for them?

Whatever product, service, or opportunity you’re presenting, why would anyone agree to buy what you’re selling or join your business if they never asked for it in the first place?

Are you seeing the big picture here? The prospect is in full control and dictates how the conversation goes. You can easily turn this into a position of strength by using attraction marketing principles to promote your offer. You’ll never have to chase prospects again, instead they’ll be hounding you to join your business because it’s your idea.

Viral internet marketing has grown rapidly and network marketers are no longer confined to prospecting in their own communities thanks to the internet. It enables network marketers to reach people on a large scale anywhere in the world.

Now they can build an online presence by using paid or free advertising methods to generate unlimited leads that attract an endless stream of customers and distributors to their business by offering valuable information and business building advice instead of a sales pitch. sale.

When you combine internet technology and attraction marketing strategies, you will have a powerful marketing system that is fully automated and will work for you 24/7, generating unlimited network marketing opportunities, even when I’m sleeping. This is how you reach people on a large scale, achieve massive results, and become the hunted instead of the hunter.

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