How to Tell Who Can Fix My Air Conditioner Quickly and Efficiently at Home

Air Conditioner

When the heat comes on, your air conditioner is a lifesaver. So when it stops working properly, you want to know who can fix your AC quickly and efficiently. Before you start scanning the phone book for HVAC repair companies, try a few troubleshooting steps at home. You may find the problem is simple and inexpensive to solve!

It’s normal for your air conditioning repair system to work harder during the hot summer months. However, if your AC seems to run constantly and isn’t cooling your house well, it’s time for a professional inspection. If you can’t determine why it’s working so hard, check your thermostat settings and the circuit breaker to make sure nothing has been tripped or blown. Dirty air filters and evaporator coils can also reduce efficiency and cause the unit to run longer.

A professional can clean the indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser coil to remove dirt, clogs and other debris that can block airflow. They can also perform a comprehensive diagnostic testing and tune up to restore efficiency and effectiveness.

How to Tell Who Can Fix My Air Conditioner Quickly and Efficiently at Home

If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, a simple solution might be to move the unit to a more shady spot. Or you could switch to a different fan setting or lower the temperature on your thermostat. If the issue persists, a professional should inspect the system and ensure all fan blades and motors are spinning. If they’re not, the fan may have broken or the motor is out of order.

The cool air isn’t lasting: A low refrigerant level can prevent your AC from functioning correctly. However, it is important to note that you should never top off your refrigerant on your own without a professional inspection and recharge. Opening the system without doing this can affect system pressures and cause new problems to occur.

Unusually high energy bills: The summer heat makes your air conditioning system work overtime to keep your home cool. If you’re noticing that your electricity bill is significantly higher than usual, an expert can help diagnose the problem and recommend any necessary repairs.

Rattling, buzzing and squealing sounds: Air conditioners make some noise when they complete their cycle, but if you hear any other sounds, it’s a sign that there’s an issue. These are usually caused by a loose or damaged part that needs to be replaced or cleaned.

If you can’t figure out what’s causing the problem with your air conditioner, contact Carrier’s customer service team. We will send a technician to evaluate your system and perform a diagnostic test that can identify the source of the problem. And best of all, we’ll give you a quote before doing any work! We are happy to provide quality, affordable, fast, and efficient repair services. Contact us today for more information! We offer free estimates on all our products and services.

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