Limousine Etiquette Tips You Must Follow

Who wouldn’t love to have a ride in a limo? In fact, riding one is the most fun part of an event. Although the idea is to have fun during the walk, there are some rules of etiquette that you must follow. Be sure to treat the driver with respect. Keep reading to know more.

count the guests

Be sure to calculate the number of passengers that will be traveling in the car and also provide this information to the company. In case one or two other people decide to join later, let the company know so they can provide you with the right vehicle.

Ask the driver to open the door.

Although this is obvious, be sure to allow the driver to open the limo door for you. This is important if you want to avoid last minute mishaps. You should sit in the empty seat. As soon as you enter, you have to search for the right place for you. This will help others to enter and opt for your seat.

do not fight

The whole point of renting a limo is to have fun and drink. That is understood. However, it is not a good idea to have a lot of alcohol and fight with other passengers. This is just silly and can be dangerous at times. There is no doubt that it goes against limo etiquette.

Therefore, it is better to keep calm and enjoy the ride. After all, you haven’t paid for the service of fighting with your friends.


Most car services prohibit smoking inside their vehicles. Therefore, you may want to follow this rule. You must speak with the manager before choosing to drink alcohol during the trip.

It is not a good idea to abuse the driver for no matter the reason. They are doing their job and they should feel safe while doing it.

Don’t fill the car with garbage

After the trip, you must leave the limousine in the same condition in which you found it. There should be no empty bottles, wrappers or cans. Throwing food or other things at your friends or fellow travelers is not a good idea. Make sure your shoes are not sitting on the seats. Before leaving, do not forget to collect all your things. Some service providers may even charge you if you made a lot of mess inside the car.

Tip the driver

In accordance with general etiquette, it is also good to tip the driver. Ideally, it should be 15% of the rental rate. It must be 20% in case the limousine has been hired for a special event.

Are you looking to rent a limousine for an upcoming party or wedding? We suggest that you follow the advice given in this article. In this way, you will be able to make the most of your trip. On the other hand, not following the rules will cost you. Also, your trip can be ruined and you don’t want to do that.

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