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Stop trying to control how you eat and take charge instead

Taking charge of how you eat allows you to make the choices that are right for you. Being in control has negative connotations and can sometimes mean forcing yourself to do something you don’t necessarily want to do. Being in control means using willpower and determination, even if that choice isn’t right for you. Being in charge means being aware of what your body needs in any given situation and making the decision based on what is right for you at that moment.

It allows you to be totally in tune with the needs of your body and not be affected by external influences. Make decisions because that is what you need, not what you should do or have. Consequently, tuning in to your body’s natural instincts by eating naturally is sustainable in the long run. When you learn to love and trust yourself, you make healthy choices more often as you feel more vibrant, have more energy, and love being fit and healthy.

When you’re in charge, sometimes the right choice for you at the moment may be overeating. However, when you are listening you can feel the consequences of that choice, reflect on it and perhaps make a different choice next time. It’s about loving and respecting yourself. We are all different, we all have different tastes, desires and needs around food. That’s why Natural Eating works because it doesn’t matter what our gender, race, age, height, build, or environment is. We can all just eat what we want when we’re hungry and stop when we’re full.

Most of my clients eat healthy, nutritious food most of the time. The problem, however, is that because it’s healthy, they tend to overreact to the reasoning that they can have anything they want simply because it’s healthy. However, because our stomachs are only the size of our fist, they don’t last very long without stretching out and being uncomfortable. We have often become accustomed to eating a certain amount. Once we are aware of that and can focus on what our body tells us, we will eat only the amount we need.

Consequently, we begin to eat smaller amounts more frequently. This means that we never deprive ourselves, we are always satisfied, our blood sugar levels are balanced and we feel great. We efficiently choose healthy foods because that is what our body tends to want, but we choose to eat unhealthy foods if that is what we need at the time. Once again, by really listening to our body, we will only eat small amounts of unhealthy food, as we will not feel good if it has large amounts of fat, sugar, and salt.

Being in charge allows you to make positive decisions that are right for you. Remember that the right choice might be a candy bar, but if you’re really listening, it’s probably just a small one.

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